segunda-feira, 26 de agosto de 2013


She sits alone on the roof.
Above the city, below the clouds.
She sits in the line inbetween.
She has two wings.
One feathered, one leathered.

She is the inexistent space amidst dark and light
She is the dot between Above and Below
Alone she watches the universe roll
Alone she keeps
The life that shines beneath.

She is the guardian of all this
The living fools
The loathing souls
The fear's abode

And the light from the mourning stars.

"Let the fools be alive and let the light be dead
Let me keep as they live
For I am made guardian and guardian i will die
Let them dance shallow as I watch in deep.
What was once a curse is now a blessing
The only way I am able to live
Let me be for what I have been done
So they can dance below the Above."

A.G. 26/08/2013

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