quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2011

Two thousand in one

It amazes me how many people from so many different places, lives and worlds you may meet through a single online software: a simple MMORP.

I wish someday i'd be able to step outside the screen and truly meet some of them.

In a short hour of chat you learn of a shred of a lifetime's story, from someone across the world. The people fascinate me.

A single comment can trigger the reveal or even a debate over life's philosophies throught the random way people choose to take a break from life: gaming.

Only the people who actually been through this process of making online friends, calling mate a person who you never truly met, know what I say.

It's a very random post, t his one, I know. It's 2 am and i cant seem to finish my train of tought. It's perhaps a self-reminder.

I should go to sleep.

quinta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2011


Do not weep my farewell to this world.

I am but one, fading away.

Celebrate my evanescing as it breaks apart;
Do not wear black to my burial.
Do not bury me.

Dress in white, in colors
Fresh water pastel colors and sparks in the wind
And burn me.

Burn me because fire is the last of life's resort
And we all feel it deep inside our hearts
So burn me with the love my lifetime had.

And scalate.
Let your bare footsteps travel through the wood's grounds
Ley it feel the dirt and the moist
The grass, the roots, the fallen leaves
Get your sole eventually hurt
Celebrate the pain
As pain is yet but another gift to being alive.

And dance.
Dance under the trees and run up with me one last time
Take a deep breath of the watered nature's calm breeze
Hear a bird sing.

And laugh.
Laugh with pure joy as life goes on
Feel out Mother's beating veins
And sing.

Sing the best athem you can remember
Let the poetry follow up the song's notes
Let it rise.

Keep running.
Let the wind, oh, let Eöll be your guide
Be the one remaining on this earth
Teach a child to talk to him
Like I taught you.

And please, when you voice of me
Voice of me well
Because the great ones, one who spoke:
When you speak, speak of good
Or just remain in silence.

Also cherish the silence
As it always tells you something
As the silence allows you to witness your esle senses more.
Close your eyes and dance with your arms wide open

Reach the top of the hill
Raise as the sun falls
Staining the horizon in colors
Watch the Mother's theatre as you go.

Let it be that nothing else matters
But you quivering fingers in the chilling breeze
As you carry me
Notice the butterfly dance by
Reflecting the hazes of light

And stop at the cliff's edge.
Look around with another deep breath
Take the longs, feel the scents for me
Summon my Friend
And release me.

And watch Eöll carry me away on his arms in swirls
And let wheverer you brought me behind.
And bring with you
Only the good memories
And whatever reminds you of them.

And let me sway forever until I fall and roll and transform
As I am begone away
Taken in the universe's arms
Or maybe taken in by a new life...


Image by: faalnangeltears @ DeviantArt

quarta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2011


Vão e voam delicadamente
Sutis, gentis, silenciosas a dançar co'vento
Voam leves e ajeitadas
Pausam nas calhas e lá ficam agrupadas
Figurinhas encapuzadas de peito branco exposto
Enquanto outros vêm também, devagar
Evitando colidir na beira das tenhas

Unidas ao silêncio e aos pios
Pairando, planando co' ar do mar
E vão, e vêm, e piam
E desaparecem na corrente anil.
E voltam e cantam e se ajeitam
Encapuzadas de branco peito
Sob o céu do litoral.

E sob o mesmo
Vê-se para cima
Sob a sombra confortados
Pares de pés descalços, a balançar
No ir e vir, a metros do mar
Repousando sobre redes coloridas.

Alluar E._~A.G.