domingo, 3 de março de 2013

Enjoy The Crestfallen

Translated from the original in portuguese: A Queda II

Last princess.
Last floor.
Last tower.
Last chance.

  I've climbed it to rescue you. Your unknown dragon seemed extinct. I entered, I found you, but on my way out the creature rose. It roared and spat fire, but the rusted armor by the years barely felt the heat. But you, and your jewel studded dress of lies, it burned.
  You were then nude and hurt. You tripped on the tower's steps while I stabbed your dragon. But you fell into the abyss.
  I left the monster aside, as it no longer affected me, and extended my hand to you. But even nude, burned, hurt and humiliated, you stuck to your pride and chose death before my help.
  So fall, fall and die, because perhaps dying, you shall fall your due rebirth, and reborn with your armor and swords so you can slay your dragon yourself.
  For I have in me my own dragons, and you have chosen. You believe to be queen, princess, but yet naked and crownless, you fall. So enjoy the falling, for the path of return to the surface is long and painful, but with climbing, perhaps you'll at last earn your new clothing; less noble and less fragile, but far more real.
  You have denied my arm, so fall. Fall you and your lie, and your satin of fantasy, woven while asleep you were.
  Now wake up, alone, and you will learn someday you believed you could have everything, and you're now awake at the bottom, with nothing.
  Scream no more for help of the Silver Knight, for he shall not come.

Authar Alluar

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