quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2011

Two thousand in one

It amazes me how many people from so many different places, lives and worlds you may meet through a single online software: a simple MMORP.

I wish someday i'd be able to step outside the screen and truly meet some of them.

In a short hour of chat you learn of a shred of a lifetime's story, from someone across the world. The people fascinate me.

A single comment can trigger the reveal or even a debate over life's philosophies throught the random way people choose to take a break from life: gaming.

Only the people who actually been through this process of making online friends, calling mate a person who you never truly met, know what I say.

It's a very random post, t his one, I know. It's 2 am and i cant seem to finish my train of tought. It's perhaps a self-reminder.

I should go to sleep.

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